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The vision – renovating half of the motel units to be used as for-profit units. This profit, along with the profit generated by restaurant business would be turned back into the veterans’ project, making it possible to develop similar properties in other areas of the country. The remaining rooms would see several renovated to become living quarters for those veterans who choose to stay with us indefinitely as counselors for others, as trainers, and as staff. The balance of rooms are to be used for temporary housing for veterans who choose to apprentice at the property for 3 to 6 months learning a new trade (motel management, maintenance, restaurant management, cooking, computer skills, landscaping, mechanics, horticulture, and any others that develop along the way.) The veterans would operate the restaurant, the service station, and the motel, caring for the property under our supervision and that of counselors and a motel manager who have already committed to assist us. It would become their work, their effort and their pride.

Source: Kevin and Monica Benderman, BendermansBridge, American Made

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