(1823) William Ladd

William Ladd began his first series of Essays on Peace and War, thirty-two in number, in the Christian Mirror at Portland, Maine, July, 1823. In 1825, these essays were collected and published in a volume. In 1825, he wrote a review of Commodore Porter’s “Journal of a Voyage in the Pacific Ocean in the United States Frigate, Essex,” in which he criticized the “War Trade” as well as the “Slave Trade.” This same year in these articles in the Christian Mirror he disapproved the erection of the Bunker Hill Monument on the ground that future generations will look upon the column as a “monument of the barbarism and anti-Christian spirit of our age.”

In 1827, appeared another volume of essays begun in 1825, thirty-seven in all. July 4, 1825, he addressed the Peace Society of Oxford County at Sumner. In December, 1825, he addressed the Massachusetts Peace Society and February, 1824, he spoke before the Peace Society of Maine. Both of these addresses were reprinted in London. July 4, 1826, he delivered an oration at Exeter, New Hampshire, in which his favorite note of peace predominated. The American Peace Society was formed in 1828. William Ladd was its first president. Its first meeting was held in New York City, May 8, 1828, and in that month and year Mr. Ladd issued the first number of a “Harbinger of Peace.” This paper was issued monthly and had a circulation of about 1500 numbers. The “Calumet” took the place of the “Harbinger of Peace” in 1831, and continued four years. The latter publication appeared every two months. The writing and editorial work of these papers was done by William Ladd on the Minot hill-top where he made his home and had his study. In 1830, he wrote a tract published by the Minot Peace Society, “Reflections on War,” and between 1829 and 1832 he wrote the following books on peace for the improvement of young people…

Source: WIlliam Ladd, Sometime of Minot, Maine: THE APOSTLE OF PEACE 1778-1841. By George C. Wing, Jr.Printed in Sprague’s Journal of Maine History. Vol. XI. APRIL, MAY, JUNE No. 2. Courtesy of the Androscoggin Historical Society

Note: from the Political Graveyard, “Wing, George C., Jr. — of Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine. Republican. Member of Maine state house of representatives from Androscoggin County, 1921-22; mayor of Auburn, Maine, 1934-35. Presumed deceased. Burial location unknown.”

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