NVUSA is a series of “notecards” or posts about the nonviolence idea in America.

A few of the historical archives have been converted from posts to pages.  Until we convert the historical archive to pages, you will find the “posts” arranged in chronological order, with the most recent events and persons appearing at the home page. Under the “Archive” links, entries will roughly match their years of occurrence as far back as 1970.  Then, owing to the default structure of modern computing, dates prior to 1972 have all been mapped onto January 1st, 1970, roughly in chronological order.

What we said Before

After poking around for several years in search of a database platform for NonviolenceUSA, at last the decision is wordpress.

The search for a publishing platform has led me through the thickets of XML, where I learnd how to DTD, schema, TEI, and DocBook–where I studied XSLT, and even turned a little homemade model website with dynamic pages.  Thanks Altova and oXygen!  But here’s the ultimate truth: you want XML?  Hit the RSS feed.

For the time being, the focus will be on data import, with minimal attention to design. The initial pass will focus on getting the old info into the database, with hope that entries will later grow into more full-bodied resources.

Comments, suggestions? gmosesx at gmail dot com

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